Marvel Studios has teased out some more footage from the highly anticipated Infinity War by releasing a new clip that shows Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time. We've seen little bits and pieces from previously released footage, but this is an extended scene that starts with the God of Thunder floating through space. Many Marvel fans were wondering how the Guardians would fit into Infinity War and this new clip will silence anybody who didn't think that James Gunn's crew would not mesh well with the Avengers.

The Russo Brothers tapped into the essence of the Guardians of the Galaxy when they meet up with Thor in the recently released hilarious clip from Infinity War. First, Thor is seen floating through space after an explosion, which is more than likely the large ship housing the Asgardians. Thor hits the Milano as the rest of the team look in awe, but Rocket tells them to hit the wipers in attempt to get the humanoid space junk off of their ship.

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Thor is brought inside the ship where Peter Quill wonders how "this dude is still alive," to which Drax responds, "he is not a dude." He then calls Peter a dude and says that Thor is a "man, a handsome, muscular man." The new Infinity War footage is exactly what you'd expect from the Guardians of the Galaxy and it ends way too soon. The clip is nearly a minute long, and we're already sucked into Infinity War and all it has to offer. It will be interesting to see the dynamic of Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Thor working together when the movie hits theaters next month.

Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt has called Infinity War the "biggest movie ever," it seems like he's probably right. Even with the latest trailer debut and the release of the new TV spots, Marvel Studios still isn't giving anything away. Instead of showing off a bunch of footage early on, the Russo Brothers held tight, letting the footage that was shown over the summer at the D23 Expo and San Diego Comic Con grow to near mythical status before releasing a teaser later in the year. The secretive marketing allows for more to be shown now, a month before Infinity War hits theaters.

The new Thor meets the Guardians spot is also notable because it's the first piece of promotional material that has been lighthearted. There's no sign of Thanos or darkness, just some comic relief from Drax the Destroyer and Rocket Raccoon. The only ominous part about the new footage is Thor floating through space and at the end when the theme music starts to play. While we have almost exactly one month to go, as of this writing, you can check out the new clip from Infinity War featuring the introduction of Thor and the Guardians below which comes from the Monsar Warrior Twitter.