It's been months since Infinity War hit theaters and some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are still shocked from watching Peter Parker turn to dust in Tony Stark's arms on Titan. Watching some of the most beloved heroes in history die in Infinity War was pretty hard to take, but it's made the upcoming Avengers 4 that much more intriguing in trying to figure out how exactly everything will work out. While we don't have those answers just yet, we do have a new video that details how Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. filmed that heartbreaking scene as well as how the visual effects were handled.

A short video has dropped online that shows how Marvel Studios' VFX team captured the Infinity War scene where Peter Parker turns to dust. The original shot is shown first, which then flashes to Tom Holland in his motion capture suit while Robert Downey Jr. is holding him. After that, the video then flashes to where it looks like they digitally erased Holland entirely from the shot, keeping Downey Jr.'s hands in place. Finally, a new layer is put in of a digital Tom Holland that then he turns to dust and later reveals the green screen planet of Titan.

Obviously, it's a hard scene to watch, but it is really interesting to see how it was composed in real-life and then altered through the use of technology. The visual effects throughout Infinity War are stunning, but they would have fallen flat without the powerful performances that the many actors pulled off. The way that Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. were able make the whole scene so emotional and in a way that seems so real is pretty intense.

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There's also another Infinity War video floating around that shows off the intense battle between Thanos and Doctor Strange on Titan that breaks down the VFX as well. Benedict Cumberbatch is filmed in an entirely green room while most of Josh Brolin's Thanos is inserted in digitally around the planet for the scenes that aren't up close. Then, when it comes to the fight with Iron Man, Brolin is seen in his motion capture gear fighting Robert Downey Jr., who is also in motion capture gear.

Overall, it's cool to get a peek behind the curtain to see how some of the amazing Infinity War scenes were shot. It makes more sense to see why the credits seem like they take forever to get through because it takes teams of hundreds of people to get everything finished in a way that is not only timely, but well done. It also must seem pretty daunting that they have to do it all over again with the upcoming Avengers 4. You can check out the video of Peter Parker and Iron Man along with the Thanos battle on Titan below, thanks to the It's Amazing YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick