Valerie Bertinelli (pre-Jenny Craig) stars as Claire, a mother of two daughters who has a special gift. She is psychic. She has "visions" which are, at times, troubling. She has had this gift since she was a young girl, but lately the visions lead to something horrific.

When Claire and her family move back to her husband's childhood home in a small town everything begins to unravel. The day after they move in her husband drowns and Claire "sees" him drowning in one of her visions, but by the time she summons help, in the form of her friend the sheriff, he is too late to save the man. So Claire and her daughters continue their life in their new home, with the help of one of her husband's school friends who is helping with the renovations of the home. But as the time goes by and they get on with their lives the residents in the town become disturbed when one of them is stabbed to death. This town is not used to violent acts, and the murder puts everyone in a panic. But Claire "sees" the murder and soon is helping the police look for the killer.

Life in a small town is different than the life they led in Los Angeles and Claire doesn't tell many people about her visions for fear of being branded a kook! Soon one of her daughters admits she also has visions and they try to put the pieces of the puzzle together which leads the police to confront a suspect. Everything points to an auto accident that occurred twenty years earlier that involved her husband and his friend, who just happens to be her new boyfriend. Then when more murders occur, the clues lead to this man who has become almost like one of the family. Claire is certain he is innocent, but her visions only go so far. She has to trust her instincts. Unfortunately, the facts say something different.

This tense drama follows this mother as she rebuilds her life after the tragedy of her husband's death and winds up being thrust into the middle of a rash of murders. It's good to see Bertinelli back on television and this role fits her to a "T". The movie also stars Ray Baker as the new sheriff who is at first suspicious of Claire's talent but soon discovers she is a true clairvoyant, Peter Jason as the retired sheriff who convinces Claire to use her abilities to help the murder investigation, Micole Mercurio as her neighbor, and Fredric Lane as the new man in her life.

Claire premiers August 4 on the Hallmark Channel.