Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this wonderful Wednesday? Find out how you can build a DIY version of The Evil Dead Necronomicon, check out a real version of Andy's room from Toy Story 3 and examine the "origins" of Disney's Haunted Mansion. Don't worry, there's much more! A Chicago bar is transforming into a real version of the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope and we have an honest trailer for Inside Out! Sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

Inside Out Honest Trailer

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The sardonic Screen Junkies crew is back with a new honest trailer, with this week's version skewering the animated summer blockbuster Inside Out, i.e. "the movie that made Pixar good again." The trailer pokes fun at the movie's insistence that San Francisco is a terrible place, which is ironic since the Pixar headquarters are in Emeryville, just on the other side of the Bay. Even if you loved or hated Inside Out, this trailer will surely have something everyone can enjoy.

Anthony Mackie Hates Man of Steel

While promoting Our Brand Is Crisis, Anthony Mackie sat down with Collider, where he was asked whether he prefers Marvel or DC. The answer was already obvious, since the actor has starred in Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. But when the interviewer said he loves Man of Steel, the actor took him to task, revealing he hates the 2013 movie and calls out the interviewer's "awful taste" in movies.

DIY Necronomicon From The Evil Dead

Halloween is just a few days away, which leads many horror movie fans to revisit their favorite classics in the genre. Halloween will also mark the day that Starz's Ash Vs. Evil Dead debuts, with Bruce Campbell reprising his beloved role as Ash Williams. For those handy fans who may need a killer prop to round out their Ash outfit, DIY Prop Shop has a new video that shows you how to make your own version of the Necronomicon from The Evil Dead. You can make this book yourself for just $33, if you follow the instructions in this video above. Just don't read from it aloud once it's finished.

Chicago Bar Becomes the Real Mos Eisley Cantina

If you're a Star Wars fan living in or near the Chicago area, you may want to mark the day December 16 on your calendar. Time Out reports that a Windy City bar known as The Whistler will transform into the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, for one night only, on that date. A local band will portray the Cantina house band Figrin D'an and the Modal Node from the Star Wars bar, and the cocktail menu will include, "bright blue, green, and red drinks; lots of dry ice, oddball garnishes and so on." Of course, this comes just two days before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so if you're in need of a night out before this epic adventure hits the big screen, The Whistler is certainly the place for you.

Andy's Room From Toy Story 3 Becomes a Reality

Shortly after Toy Story 3 hit theaters in 2010, Morgan and Mason McGrew set off on a journey to craft a live-action remake, re-creating actual versions of this GCI set. The above video is a sneak peek from their film, but the brothers recently posted photos of their real-life version of Andy's room from the beloved animated movie. You can visit The Pixarist for more photos of this re-creation of Andy's room from this incredible project.

"Original" Version of Disney's The Haunted Mansion *NSFW*

In the spirit of Halloween, Funny Or Die has put together a four-minute video that examines the "original" history of Disney's popular Haunted Mansion attraction. This video breaks down the original pitch and puts a very adult spin on this beloved ride. One thing's for sure, don't watch this video with the kids around...

Army Of Darkness 8-Bit Cinema

For those who love old-school video games as much as they love horror movies, Cinefix has debuted their latest edition of 8-Bit Cinema, which examines the cult classic Army Of Darkness. This also provides a unique tie-in to Ash Vs. Evil Dead, in a retro, 8-bit way. It's just too bad this game doesn't exist.

Bill Murray Gets Animated in 1988 Interview

Back in 1988, journalist T.J. English was tasked with profiling Bill Murray to promote his now-classic film Scrooged. The interview re-surfaced recently when PBS' web series Blank on Blank took the audio from the interview and created a unique animated video. The interview itself is just another example of why the actor is so beloved, but the animation adds a wonderful twist.

Adele IMAX Music Video

Singer Adele made history last week by releasing her new music video Hello, which was the first ever to be shot using IMAX cameras. Directed by Xavier Dolan (Mommy), this epic six-minute video could change the way other artists approach music videos in the future.

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