It was just the other day that we passed along the killer news that Insidious franchise star Lin Shaye says Insidious 5 will probably be going into production within the next year or so. And wouldn't you just know it, today we have word from Insidious, Insidious: Chapter 2, and The Conjuring star Patrick Wilson on if he is still open to returning to the franchise.

During the recent interview where Patrick Wilson passed along comments on the upcoming James Wan-less third entry in The Conjuring series, Wilson was pressed to give out some further info on the possible fifth Insidious film as well. Mainly he was asked if Insidious: Chapter 5 has at least come up in conversations as of late. Wilson hesitated, laughed and then said:

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"Well ... I see these people a lot, but there's no script or anything like that. I just don't know what you'd do, but I haven't talked specifically about anything. I talk to Jason Blum every so often, and we're friends. And I'll see Leigh (Whannell)... James keeps an eye on that, but I don't know where you'd go."

Fair enough. But let's say that the powers behind the scenes of the Insidious Universe did come up with a killer place to take the series moving forward, would Wilson still be up for taking on the role of patriarch Josh Lambert once again? Well, when asked if he felt the book was officially closed on his involvement with the Insidious series, Wilson said:

"I never look at anything as closed. I don't know what you would do, but I never felt like it was closed. I just felt like for Josh Lambert, we've already seen him possessed and free of possession. There's not a whole lot for that guy to do anymore. I don't know where they would want to go with the series, but I never close any doors. There's no big red door that's closed."

Nice callback there, Patrick. I'm referring to his use of the "big red door" which has been a visual staple of the haunted house series from the beginning with Aquaman and The Conjuring director James Wan's first Insidious motion picture back in 2011.

Whether or not Wilson ends up taking up the role of Josh Lambert one more time in Insidious: Chapter 5 the man is not hurting for work I can tell you that. Not only is he returning to his classic role as infamous paranormal investigator Ed Warren in The Curse of La Llorona director Michael Chaves' upcoming The Conjuring 3 co-starring Vera Farminga as Lorraine Warren. But the man can also be seen in a bevy of recent hit movies such as The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day: Resurgence director Roland Emmerich's World War II action flick Midway and Netflix's recent adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill's haunting novella In the Tall Grass co-starring Harrison Gilbertson and Rachel Wilson.

This update comes to us from a recent interview Wilson conducted over at The Hollywood Reporter.