Like many of you fellow fright flick fans out there, one of my favorite on-going horror franchises is Aquaman and The Conjuring director James Wan and Upgrade and The Invisible Mandirector Leigh Whannell's PG-13 haunted house movies Insidious. The last time we saw the series on the big screen was with The Taking of Deborah Logan director Adam Robitel's fourth entry Insidious: The Last Key. But today we have word from series star Lin Shaye that Insidious 5 will probably begin shooting in the next year or so.

Specifically, Shaye says this about production starting on the next Insidious sequel.

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"The answer is yes. I've heard rumblings. There's no script as far as I know. [With] Elise, The Last Key pretty much completed my story as a character. I'm now in The Further. There are no more prequels. Everybody knows more about me than I knew. I kind of have an idea what the story might be about, and that I don't feel comfortable talking about, because nothing has been brought out into the open.

But as far as I've heard, there will be another one. And it'll be sort of a different setup in a way, of some of the same characters from a couple of the past episodes, too. It's an exciting idea that I've heard, but I don't have any information about it. There's no script as far as I know yet. And there's been no date in terms of beginning photography or anything. It'll probably be in the next year or so, because Blumhouse is a little busy, as we all know. But I've got my fingers crossed there will be one more, I hope."

Personally, I think it would be best for the Insidious series to go the route of Wan's other hit franchise The Conjuring and start breaking out some off-shoot movies such as Annabelle and The Nun. Basically, what I mean is I think it's time for the main Insidious series to, you know, ditch the Insidious title and go with a more evocative moniker such as The Further. And then slap on a tagline that says it's part of the Insidious Universe or something like that. Actually, I think a new trilogy of films set in the Insidious universe dubbed The Further would be the best way to go. After all, Insidious was originally called The Further when Whannell first penned the script, so there is a synergy there that can't be denied.

Whether or not another entry in the Insidious series ever reaches a screen near you, be it Insidious: Chapter 5 or The Further Part I we can always look forward to Lin Shaye staying in the genre spotlight. In fact, she is one of the leads in The Eyes of My Mother director Nicolas Pesce's upcoming reboot of The Grudge. That film, which co-stars Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, and John Cho is all set to creep out of the closet and crawl it's spooky-ass into a theater near you on January 3, 2020. In the meantime, this story comes to us from an interview Lin Shaye recently held over at Daily Dead.