While the Conjuring cinematic universe gets all the praise when it comes to James Wan's work in the horror genre, the filmmaker is also responsible for the creation of the arguably even more disturbing horror franchise Insidious. Insidious 5 has been said to be in the works for some time. Lin Shaye, who played the lead role of Elise Rainier in all four previous Insidious movies, admitted she has not heard any news of a fifth installment, and gave a chilling reason why.

"I think everybody is so preoccupied with the horror of our own society, we're in a horror film right now of sorts. There was some thought at one point that James had about another Insidious, but I've heard nothing. I think everybody's preoccupied. I'm good with whatever, if we come back, I'm in The Further this time, so that will be different."
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While it is depressing to consider that the real world we live in is now such a horror show that the world of Insidious seems tame by comparison, there is a lot of truth to this statement made by Lin Shaye. After all, most horror movies deal with an individual or a small group of individuals being beset by horrifying forces beyond their control. In 2020, that's pretty much the state of every nation on Earth.

The Insidious series tells the tale of a small family with a young boy, who becomes the unwitting vessel for a malevolent, otherworldly entity that uses the child as an entryway into our world. In the role of Elise Rainier, Shaye features as a psychic detective who gets killed in the first movie while trying to help the family.

In the next three movies, Rainier appears in flashbacks, as a ghost, and in stories that take place in the past, to explore her background and connection to the demon dimension The Further. While she may not appear in Insidious 5, Shaye is grateful for the story arc her character was allowed to explore in her time with the franchise.

"It was a really beautiful arc for me to find as the character and in the storyline. Right now it's all about The Call and I hope Insidious has provided me with a beautiful frame work to remember right now. Now it's in my memory and I would love it if there was another one, of course, but we'll see."

While fans have long clamored for Wan to return to the world of Insidious, the filmmaker has a lot on his plate at the moment. After hitting a billion-dollar box office gross with Aquaman, Wan has become one of the hottest talents in the film industry, in charge of many lucrative franchises with giant budgets. Hopefully, the filmmaker will be able to tear himself away in the next few years from his commitments to the big-budget Hollywood machinery to get back to his horror roots with new installments in the Insidious and Conjuring franchises. This news originated at ComingSoon.net.