Straight out of 1983 comes Inspector Gadget: The Original Series!

This classic show which was based on beloved Agent 86: Maxwell Smart, features our heroic inspector getting into all kinds of hi-jinks.


Hack private detective Inspector Gadget makes his animated comeback with 22 episodes from the beloved animated series which aired between 1983 and 1986. Based on the character Agent

86: Maxwell Smart (played by Don Adams) from the classic 60s television show Get Smart!

Inspector Gadget's character was voiced by Don Adams himself.

His precocious niece, Penny, with the help of a computerized book (which one could argue was the precursor to laptops with wi-fi,) and her highly communicative golden retriever, Brain, was forever bailing her 'Uncle Gadget' out of trouble when his homespun spy-gadgetry would inevitably malfunction while solvingcases for his hotheaded boss, Chief Quimby.

The recurring culprit was, of course, the faceless Dr. Claw whose infamous line: "NEXT TIME GADGET! NEXT TIME" closed out every episode as he watched Gadget squash his evil-doing via closed circuit camera from a secret location.

Inspector Gadget: The Original Series will be released by Shout! Factory on April 25th.

Bonus Features

- "Wowsers!" - a retrospective look at Inspector Gadget with Andy Heyward (DIC chairman & CEO) and Mike Maliani (DIC chief creative officer)

- Original art gallery

- Inspector Gadget fan art contest winners

Technical Specs

- No of Discs: 4

- Languages: English

- Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo

- Run Time: 660 minutes

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