The first trailer for Instant Family introduces a heartwarming and hilarious story based on director Sean Anders' real life. Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne portray a married couple who are looking to expand their family, just like Anders and his wife did. Wahlberg's Pete character and Byrne's Ellie turn to foster care, looking to adopt one child. However, they end up three siblings. The trailer features some of the ups and downs of starting an instant family, especially when one of the kids is a teenager.

Sean Anders is best known for comedies like Sex Drive, That's My Boy, and Daddy's Home, but Instant Family sees the director adding a dash of drama for this story. Along with the trailer for the film, Anders also released a behind-the-scenes featurette that shows his real-life family and explains how his own personal experience with adoption influenced the project. Right away, Anders noted how there were some pretty funny elements to his new situation and started to write about some of the funnier experiences that he, his wife, and kids went through.

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While Sean Anders wanted Instant Family to have as much of his family's story as possible, he also felt that it would be good to speak with other parents who have also adopted children of all ages. There are obviously some embellishments in the film, but Anders made a hybrid story out of his and the experiences that other parents went through when adopting. In real-life, Anders and his wife did not adopt a teenager, so he wanted more information and real stories that he could inject into the story to give it an authentic feel while being something that families with adopted children could relate to as well.

Instant Family marks the third time that Sean Anders and Mark Wahlberg have worked together after the Daddy's Home franchise. Rose Byrne and Wahlberg signed on to star in late 2017 and filming started in late March of this year and wrapped in May. In addition to Wahlberg and Byrne, Instant Family also stars Isabela Moner as Lizzy, Gustavo Quiroz as Juan, Julianna Gamiz as Lita, Octavia Spencer as one of the social workers who guide the parents-to-be through the foster care process, Tig Notaro as another social worker, Margo Martindale as Pete's mother, Iliza Shlesinger, Tom Segura as Russ, and Eve Harlow as Brenda Fernandez.

Instant Family opens in theaters on November 16th. In the featurette for the movie, Director Sean Anders says that he's trying to show the hard parts about adoption at the start and then show how there's actual humor involved in the adoption process. It's not Anders' goal to have families rush out and adopt children, but admits that it would be a pretty cool bonus. Whatever the case may be, the director is putting out a very personal film with Instant Family with an awesome story and a great cast. You can check out the trailer and featurette below, thanks to the The Paramount Pictures YouTube channel.