A new trailer for Instinction, the spiritual successor to cult classic Dino Crisis, has been revealed. During E3, indie developer, Hashbane decided to preview the upcoming video game, which seeks to fill the void for dinosaur video games in the industry currently. And it looks like they've done just that, as this game is jam-packed with prehistoric beasts and gorgeous visuals.

The trailer itself is largely atmospheric and doesn't dive deep into the story. It does, however, give a sense of what players are in for. Lots of dinosaurs and lots of action. At moments, it has a full-on horror vibe, and at others, it feels like an action movie that the player will be in control of. What truly sticks out is the level of detail, both in the world and the creatures themselves.

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Instinction is billed as a next-generation action-adventure horror game with extinct creatures. Players can either go in alone using first or third-person perspectives interchangeably, or they can team up with two other members in co-op and progress through the open-ended world. The landscape includes grassy plains and forests to the depths of lakes and cenotes. Richard Gold, lead developer of the game, had this to say in an interview following the E3 presentation.

"The game started out as a passion project and is very much inspired by dinosaur games as a whole, this includes Dino Crisis, Trespasser and Turok, but it's not limited to the dinosaur genre, collectively we love adventure, horror and combat games. Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, and Alien: Isolation are great examples of games we all enjoy playing, this is in no way a comprehensive list. At the end of the day, we are making a game we want to play."

Capcom released Dino Crisis in 1999. It has become a cult classic of the era, and many fans have called to see the series revived. But with Capcom not pulling the trigger, the team at Hashbane has stepped in. The studio's co-founder, Jade Saunders had this to add, saying that they aren't here to replace Dino Crisis. They are merely hoping to scratch that itch for players.

"There are many key elements that are unique to Instinction, and we'll continue to point out that we do not wish to replace Dino Crisis. Instinction will fill a gap, scratch an itch that many have wanted for a while like we do, and with so many avid dinosaur lovers there's a place for many dinosaur-themed games, the industry needs more and fortunately, there are other large and small studios following this path too, exciting times!"

No release date has been set for Instinction yet but it is expected to arrive sometime in late 2022. It will first debut for PC, with console releases on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One planned thereafter. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself. And you can check out the full interview with Jade Saunders and Richard Gold at Dual Shockers.