Paramount Pictures is finalizing a deal to acquire the Boom! Studios comic book property Insurrection V3.6 for a sci-fi movie adaptation. Blake Masters, who wrote the comic book series, will write the adapted screenplay.

The story is set in a futuristic world where massive corporations are more powerful than the government. These companies employ massive armies of clone soldiers, who are treated as less than human. The plot thickens when a man leads a revolt against the corporations. The Insurrection comic book series debuted in 2011.

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Michael De Luca and Matthew Tolmach will produce, alongside Boom! Studios' Ross Richie. No production schedule was given.

Blake Masters created the 2006 NBC series Brotherhood, and he also served as showrunner for Law & Order: Los Angeles. He wrote the screenplay adaptation for 2 Guns, another Boom! Studios property.