Skeletons of the Sahara: According to Variety, Intermedia and DreamWorks are teaming up on Skeletons of the Sahara a film based on the nonfiction book by Dean H. King about American sailors shipwrecked in Africa in the 19th century.

The film, which marks one of the first deals announced by DreamWorks' new production prexy Adam Goodman, is on the fast track at the studio. Shooting is expected to begin by the end of the year. A director and cast must still be found.

Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro penned the script. They wrote "The Great Raid" for Miramax and are finishing the rewrite of "The Talisman" for DreamWorks.

"Skeletons" covers the trials of several American sailors who were shipwrecked off the coast of North Africa in 1815, captured by the Bedouins and sold into slavery. Intermedia initially optioned the rights to King's book in 2001, after it was brought to the company by Intermedia exec Alex Litvak.