With Avengers: Infinity War less than a month away, it feels like Marvel has been dropping TV Spots non-stop to promote their upcoming "three-quel," and fans are not complaining. Any chance we get to see more of the highly anticipated film is good. This film is panning out to possibly be the biggest movie of the year, possibly even toppling Black Panther at the box office.

The latest International TV Spot gives us plenty of new looks at the movie, rather than only copying-and-pasting footage used in previous trailers. The most notable part of the new TV spot is the interaction between Rocket Raccoon and Thor, which is something we know we will see a lot of in the movie, yet have seen little of in the film's promotions.

"I know it feels like all hope is lost," Thor begins, presumably talking to the Guardians of the Galaxy. "But together, we can stop Thanos." Rocket, being the jackass that he is, responds with, "I think we'll pass," before correcting himself to say, "Just kidding, we're in!"

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While it's very possible that this dialogue exchange between the two characters may not actually occur in the movie, as it's been previously speculated that Thor is speaking to his brother Loki in this scene, seeing any glimpse of the team-up between Thor, Rocket and Adolescent Groot is amazing. According to the film's directors, Thor has more screen time than any other hero in the film, so there is sure to be a lot of focus between himself and his interactions with Rocket and Groot.

The only time we saw this trio of heroes together in trailers prior has been silent, showing Thor using his newest weapon Stormbreaker as Groot and Rocket watch. In fact, most people assumed that Thor would only have a subplot in the film, as the only notable Thor merchandise includes himself with Rocket and Groot in a small LEGO set of Thor retrieving his new battleaxe. The revelation that Thor will have the most screen time is certainly a head-scratcher for most people, so there is clearly a lot more going on for Thor than we have seen. This is why it is so great to see more interaction between himself and the Guardians of the Galaxy in this International TV Spot.

The TV Spot goes on to show more footage of the rest of the Avengers preparing for battle. Some of the new footage we see shows Doctor Strange readying his defensive spells in the streets of New York City, Captain America lifting his new gauntlet-shields alongside a Wakandan army, and Iron Man dodging massive, flaming debris that is about to crash on him in New York.

The trailers keep putting the pieces of the puzzle together for us, showing more and more of what we will be seeing during the film's release. Infinity War managed to surpass other big films like Black Panther in pre-sales in under 6 hours of the tickets going on sale. Infinity War undoubtedly has the chance to become the highest grossing film of the year, possibly passing Black Panther's $1.2 billion earnings. Needless to say, Infinity War is not only going to be a success among audiences, but a financial success as well.