A nationally-televised competition to find the Web Star of the Year is about to begin in our exclusive clip from the upcoming comedy Internet Famous. This hot new release is available on iTunes and other Digital HD/VOD formats. The story centers around one massive competition, which, as you can see in our clip, have some bizarre judges, including Missi Pyle as a home shopping guru.

Follow the hilarious journey of five of the Internet's biggest stars as they travel across the country to compete in a nationally-televised talent competition. The only problem is... they have no talent. Tomas "The Parody Boss" (Shane Dawson) creates spoofs of pop songs, but thinks he is an original artist; Comedienne Amber (Amanda Cerny) gets tons of attention, just never for her jokes; Dale Hand (Steve Greene), likes to stage elaborate pranks to scare his baby daughter, Lucy; Veronica Decker (Wendy McColm), a struggling actress known internationally for the viral video she would like to forget; and Dennis Wasserman (Richard Ryan), a self-described "serious filmmaker" who makes intricate videos starring his cat.

Only one will be chosen as "Web Star of the Year" and go on to further fame and fortune in this comedy, which you can pick up today on iTunes. The film stars the following Internet sensations - Shane Dawson - 6.9mm YouTube subscribers, Amanda Cerny - 4.5mm Vine Followers / 391k Twitter Followers, Christian Delgrosso - 7.5mm Vine Followers / 1.37mm Twitter Followers, Steve Greene - 907k YouTube Subscribers, Richard Ryan - 1.8mm+ YouTube Subscribers and Wendy Mccolm - 2.9mm YouTube Views. Also starring Jimmy Tatro, Tay Zonday, Adam Busch, John Michael Higgins, Missi Pyle, Tony Cavalero and Roger Bart.

Michael J. Gallagher, who directed Shane Dawson and several of the Internet Famous cast members in Smiley, returns to direct this comedy. The director also co-wrote the script alongside Steve Greene. Michael J. Gallagher is one of the co-founders of Totally Sketch, who has also directed a number of popular internet short films. He is currently in post-production on The Thinning, which stars Peyton List and Ryan Newman.

With this collection of YouTube stars, Internet Famous could very well reach a new level of "internet fame," since it won't be getting a theatrical release of any kind. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any updates from all of these rising YouTube stars. Until then take a look at this exclusive clip from Internet Famous below.

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