As the year winds down to a close, director Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is still one of the most talked about movies of 2014. The filmmaker himself helped break down a scene from his sci-fi thriller in a new video from Yahoo! Movies, where he provides insightful commentary and gives fans a glimpse at his filmmaking process as a whole. As you likely know by now, Interstellar centers on Matthew McConaughey's Cooper, who leads a team of astronauts and scientists into a wormhole, to find another planet capable of sustaining human life, as Earth's resources keep dwindling.

The scene in question is where Coop and his team attempt to land on a new planet. Christopher Nolan reveals that all of the space shuttle sets were built like simulators, so the space ship and the actors themselves could react to the environments around them. He also talked about trying to recreate the same type of footage used from actual NASA missions, combining footage they shot on location in Iceland with shots from inside the shuttle. He also revealed they used their full-sized ship for the landing sequence shown at the end of this intriguing video.

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This video is quite reminiscent of a commentary track, so we can only hope that the director sheds as much light on this brief scene as he does in the rest of the film, when this sci-fi thriller is released next year on Blu-ray and DVD. Take a look at this Anatomy of a Scene video below, and stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes featurettes from Interstellar.