For those of you still trying to wrap your brain around director Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, the filmmaker is filling in a certain aspect of the story line through a seven-page comic book that is currently available to read now at

Christopher Nolan himself wrote the comic, entitled Absolute Zero, which centers on Matt Damon's Dr. Mann and his robot ZAPP. The comic explores a key moment in Mann's back story before he's introduced in the film, and will be a part of the November 25 issue of Wired Magazine, which the filmmaker is guest-editing.

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The director has rarely released deleted scenes for any of his films, making this comic a rare companion piece. The director's science adviser on the film, Kip Thorne, has also released a book entitled The Science of Interstellar, but it does not go into plot points. Interstellar is already posting impressive numbers at the box office, earning $96.9 million domestically and $225.8 million internationally for a global total of $327.7 million in under two weeks, from a production budget of $165 million.

Take a look at a preview from this Interstellar comic Absolute Zero below and CLICK HERE to check out the rest.

Interstellar Prequel Comic Book