With Paramount Pictures' Interstellar set to debut in just a few short days, we have a new clip, TV spot, featurette and IMAX poster for director Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller, in theaters nationwide November 7.

Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck are briefly featured in the new clip, while the TV spot offers high praise from the nation's critics. Director Christopher Nolan and co-writer Jonathan Nolan explain the story behind Interstellar, and how it follows humanity's attempt to find another home, since their time on Earth is coming to an end.

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We reported last month that Interstellar will actually open two days early on November 5, in select 70mm IMAX and 35mm theaters. For those who want to wait until November 7 to see Interstellar in IMAX, they will receive a new poster created by artist Kevin Dart, which you can check out below along with all the latest footage.

Interstellar IMAX Poster