Entertainment Weekly's latest print edition has a new Interstellar photo featuring star Matthew McConaughey along with an image of director Christopher Nolan on set. Check it out, and then read on for story details that tease this mysterious sci-fi epic from the filmmakers behind the The Dark Knight trilogy. The new trailer will be in IMAX theaters starting May 16, attached to prints of Godzilla.

<strong><em>Interstellar</em></strong> Photo

Production designer Nathan Crowley has revealed new story details, explaining how director Christopher Nolan first approached him about Interstellar:

"He asked, 'Do you want to do a movie about black holes, relativity, gravity and their effect on time? Sounded fantastic. Ultimately, it's a very human story about a father and a daughter."

Producer Emma Thomas hints at what we might see in the upcoming trailer:

"The trailer highlights a line of dialogue from the film: 'Mankind was born on earth; it was never meant to die here,' It emphasizes...mankind's destiny in the universe."

While the new trailer will give us another tease of footage, we'll have to wait until the movie is in theaters this November before the full mystery is revealed.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange