Back in March, director Christopher Nolan revealed that he shot more of his new film Interstellar in IMAX than he had with any of his previous efforts. This led some fans to wonder how his sci-fi thriller will be presented, since most of the IMAX theaters are converting to digital, and Christopher Nolan is one of the last filmmakers that continues to shoot on film.

IMAX CEO Greg Foster revealed in an interview with Collider that Interstellar will in fact be projected in 70mm IMAX, in a limited amount of theaters.

When asked if Interstellar will only get a 70mm IMAX release in New York and L.A., Greg Foster revealed that "around 50 theaters" will screen Interstellar in the 70MM format worldwide.

"No, it's going to be a lot more than that. It will be somewhere around 50 (theaters). We don't have a list of theaters yet, but we will relatively soon. It's very important to (director) Christopher Nolan, and Christopher Nolan is very important to us and our partners. This is a global number. Our partners at Paramount and Warner Bros., who funded the movie, have been amazing about it. Our job is... think of it as a menu. If you go into a menu of IMAX, there's an appetizer, there's salads, there's fish, there's meat, there's vegetarian. We need to be able to provide whatever our customer wants. We can't say, 'You can only be in IMAX, if you have a steak.' We have 2D film cameras, we have 3D film cameras, we have 2D digital, we have 3D digital. We let the filmmaker decide how they want to make the movie, and our job is to give them the tools the way to film the movie they want it to be shown."

Of course, 50 theaters is just a fraction of IMAX screens worldwide, which is somewhere between 800 and 900, according to Wikipedia. We'll keep you posted as soon as IMAX releases the list of theaters which will be presenting Interstellar in the 70mm format, when it hits theaters on November 7.