Matthew Broderick plays the sidekick to Jerry Seinfeld's lead character in this family film

In the new animated film Bee Movie (opening November 2), Matthew Broderick plays the sidekick to Jerry Seinfeld's lead character. Broderick has been acting in films and on stage for most of his life, and is married to actress Sarah Jessica Parker. They have one son, James, who Matthew says will be delighted with this movie. "He thinks I am funny," Matthew says about his son. And it's quite possible James will follow in the family business because he is showing signs of his own brand of humor. "He's just starting to have a sense of humor. You can just see it. Just the beginning of it," exclaims the proud father.

Being a father has changed the actor's life completely. "Well it changed everything." He says now he never goes away alone with his wife on vacation. They are a family and spend their time together. They like going to the beach and out to restaurants. "But it changes everything [and] I totally love it. ... I was not sure I would but I really do and it makes everything more interesting and there's sort of a stranger in your house all the time."

Bee Movie is definitely something Matthew and Sarah will take little James to see. "I've done a few animated things and I always think that'll be fun for him or any other children ... I like doing things for children and, you know, some of the movies I saw when I was little had such a big [effect]." As a kid Matthew lists Snow White, Sleeper Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, Bugs Bunny and Underdog among the shows that he enjoyed and talents that affected him and that he loved the most.

Bee Movie centers on Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld) a bee who does not want to make honey, the only professional choice afforded him. He then learns that humans eat and sell the golden nectar, and decides to sue the human race for this travesty. "I just thought it was a funny idea and Jerry Seinfeld wrote it so, that seemed like it would be good," proclaims Broderick. "I think what you take from it is that it's okay to try out new things, [and] you don't have to go into the job that your parents [want you to do]."

Having been acting for the better part of his life, Matthew cannot see himself in any other profession. "I've been doing it a long time. When I was a little kid I used to want to be an architect but I don't think I'd do that [now]." If he did not act he says, "I would probably do something in the Arts. You know, I'd probably be a painter or something. ... But I know I would like to do something that was not too complex. When I see people who have to fly to a city everyday with a laptop and stuff that's why - I don't think I could manage that."

Matthew Broderick has two other films in the works, and the public is highly anticipating the November release of Bee Movie.

Bee Movie comes to theaters November 2 from DreamWorks Animation.