Have you seen The Interview yet? After Sony canceled the comedy due to terrorist threats against theaters set to show The Interview on Christmas day, it became the most talked about movie of the holiday season. Independent theaters rallied to show the film in the name of free speech, and Sony decided to give fans an early treat by releasing it on VOD this past Christmas Eve. The film many feared would be shelved indefinitely has become a phenomenon. And now, co-directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will be joined by star James Franco to Live Tweet The Interview this Sunday.

That's right. Call it their 'exit' interview. Starting at 5pm EST on December 28, all three of them will begin Live Tweeting while you watch The Interview from the comfort of your home. The film is available on a number of different platforms, and the guys will be tweeting from their own personal Twitter accounts. Here is all the information you need:

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Online Rental

The film is available to rent in HD at these sites for $5.99. You can also purchase the film in HD for $14.99:

Google Play: CLICK HERE

YouTube Movies: CLICK HERE

Xbox Video: CLICK HERE

Sony's See the Interview Site: CLICK HERE

The Interview has earned $1 million in ticket sales since opening on Christmas day in 330 select theaters across the country. The film averaged $3000 per screen on Thursday, which was considered quite exceptional considering the film is also being offered for the very low price of $5.99 on VOD. It is not known how much the film has pulled in from streaming, as Sony refuses to share those numbers. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg tweeted their plans Saturday evening: