The Interview has had quite a storied path to release. Originally set to debut in theaters this past October, it was pulled so that it wouldn't correspond with North Korea's Party Foundation Day, as the film depicts the assassination of the country's leader Kim Jong-un. It was moved to Christmas day, but then pulled again because of a terrorist threat against theaters set to show the movie. But now, The Interview will screen in over 300 independent theaters across the country. To celebrate its return, Sony has released three new TV spots.

These latest previews come after the Studio spent a lot of time, energy and money completely wiping out all promotional materials for the film, including billboards and posters, and all video assetts. Sony also scrubbed The Interview's social media presence. It took down both its Facebook page and Twitter account. But now, the studio is working to set everything back in place.

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The latest TV spots promote the movie by listing off directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's past achievements, and it becomes quite clear that Evan Goldberg actually got off easy in all of this, as you rarely hear his name spoken. Which may come as a blessing and a curse for the co-creator of such hits as Superbad, Pineapple Express and This Is the End. Stars Seth Rogen and James Franco are presented as a pair of bumbling modern day James Bonds. The clips also don't shy away from the plot's true premise in killing off Kim Jong-un. One of the spots is even titled 'War!' Take a look, as news starts to break that The Interview may be available to rent on Youtube in time for Christmas day.