Bloody-Disgusting has posted an interview with John Saxon, who played Lieutenant Kenneth Fuller in the 1974 horror classic Black Christmas. In the interview, he reflects on making the film and the challenges involved. Saxon also talks about some of his other roles in horror films. Here is a snippet:

BD: It's common knowledge that you were a last minute addition to the cast, filming scenes only a couple of hours after signing on to the film and often shooting without the other actors on set. Did you enjoy this challenge or was it just a pain in the ass?

JS: What happened was after I read the script and liked it very much, I was cast to play "Fuller"... some short time afterward my agent Michael Livingston called to tell me that the production had made a mistake: someone else had previously cast another actor to play Fuller. I was disappointed, but oh well.. Then unexpectedly, maybe a week later, my agent called again asking if I could get on a plane, I think the same day, and fly to Toronto to play the role in Black Christmas. I arrived in Toronto at about Midnight... was taken to a Hotel and then was driven out to a suburban location to prepare to do the scene in the woods speaking over a Bullhorn, which was finished at about 3 AM.

Challenges like this I had no problem handling 33 years ago...

CLICK HERE to read the entire interview with John Saxon.

Dimesnion films is releasing a remake of the movie Black Christmas to be released on Christmas day.