Road To Perdition: Are you waiting in line for this film yet? You should be if you aren't. This one is sure to be Tom Hank's next Oscar winning role. Dark Horizons was lucky enough to get an interview with the star himself while he was at a press junket in Chicago. And in case you didn't know yet Road to Perdition opens nationwide July 12th in the U.S.

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Anything Else: Little bits of news have bee leaking out over the last week about Woody Allen's spring project, filming now in NYC. Entitles, Anything Else it stars a very interesting cast which is a bit unlike anything we've seen in a Woody Allen film in the last few years. This time he seems to be going with a host of young Hollywood stars. Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci, Jimmy Fallon, Stockard Channing, they're all in there, and Woody's thrown in Danny Devito and Glenn close just for flavor. No word on story or plot yet but stay tuned. What we do have is several very nice shots from the set. These are mostly Christina and Jason on the sidewalks and steps of New York.

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Tron 2.0: A tasty little morsel from Aint it Cool this morning. Apparently a reader sent them some info that the video game company he works for is building a TRON game to be release at the same time as a new feature film in the fall of 2004. The rumors have been around for awhile about the film. This is the first we've heard of a tentative release date. The article also notes that neither of the original film's stars have signed as of yet.

X-Men 2: Not only do we get to see a very sweet Star Trek teaser trailer today but as an added bonus we get hit with the very first teaser for X-Men 2! Keeping mind folks, that the film has been shooting for oh about 26 days now. To be seeing a teaser this early is absolutely incredible.

And so without further ado, CLICK HERE and enjoy the show.

Star Trek: Nemesis: As we mentioned yesterday last night heralded the coming of the first trailer for the new Star Trek film. It looks good and all the news that is coming out on this film says this may be the rebirth of the franchise.

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Peter Jackson's Next: Of course everyone has been wondering just what direct Peter Jackson will do after the third installment of his award winning Lord of The Rings trilogy has debuted. It seem that the decision is a step closer to being made. According to Film Jerk Jackson and company are it talks to pick up a project they had started before the LOTR project took off. The are in negotiations to helm a remake of the classic King Kong. Universal is looking towards this film filling a whole on its 2004 schedule. Yet another film to look forward to while I'm waiting for Episode III.

Solaris:Coming Attractions got a hold of some set pics from Solaris yesterday! Sorry...we are a bit late on these!

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