Movie PictureThere is a new guy in town. He's Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, he's...he's Steve Reedy! That's right people, Steve has recently been added to the Lights Out Special Forces unit, so don't be afraid when you see him ranting and raving about the latest things happening in the movie world. Yes, the news will still be reported by yours truly, but now with Steve on board with his
Let's welcome [email protected]|Steve Reedy to the team... {@IMG:rO14irGS1YnpkTWPllyukhxreHPCVa|Movie [email protected]}If you thought life was good now, wait until September 25th! On this great day we will finally be graced with the first season of The Simpsons on DVD! And unlike other highly priced DVD boxed sets this one is only gonna cost you $39.98!!! Check out Ain't It Cool'sVariety report on the coming set as well as the TONS of features that will be included! Doh! (Sorry, I had to)In other DVD news...Lucasfilm has confirmed a date for The Phantom Menace! So mark your calendars because the Jar-Jar Binks is coming to live with you on October 16th! Click here for details on the disc!
Movie PictureI don't know what it is about these damn LEGO movies but I love them. iFILM has recently posted the greatest LEGO movie yet entitled...{5}! Shot for shot..sounds effects and all...this thing might even be up to par with {6}! Nahhhhhh....I'm sick of promising Death's End so I won''s so close close. Stay Tuned... {7}