Storytime Productions has released a trailer for Intrusion: Disconnected, and they have announced that Corey Feldman has joined the cast. Take a look at the footage, and read on for the production company's official announcement. You can also CLICK HERE for more on the horror-thriller's IndieGogo fundraising campaign, and much more.

Storytime Productions is proud to announce Corey Feldman (The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Stand By Me) joins the cast of Intrusion: Disconnected. Intrusion: Disconnected, an independently produced psychological horror and thriller movie with a cast of over 50 actors! The film from Award winning writer/producer, Craig Everett Earl is directed by Award winning filmmaker Kyle Cates. James Houk (An Affirmative Act) serves as cinematographer and Carrie Cates (Summer League) as co-producer and editor. Octavia Earl, Jonathan Reece and Kelsey Forren are also co-producers to the film. Lead actress, Katie Stewart serves as executive producer. The film co-stars Scream Queen, Tiffany Shepis (The Violent Kind), three time award winning actress, Sebrina Siegel (Overtime), Amanda Dunn (Catching Fire) and Mark A. Nash (Everybody Loves Raymond).


Holly Jensen (Katie Stewart) has survived the traumatic experience of seeing most of her friends murdered as the rosebud serial killer had almost closed in on her too. Now, it's been nearly a year since his corpse was last seen being loaded into an ambulance truck after he had been inflicted with multiple stab wounds. However, Holly has slowly begun to witness actual signs that she might not have seen the last of that ruthless killer. This intense, psychological thriller follows Holly through her arduous journey in order to find final closure... especially now with the body count starting to rise once again and with Holly's mental stability slowing slipping away, she is now sure the killer is still alive!