King Arthur:Los Angeles Daily News talked to actor Ioan Gruffud recently about his upcoming role in the epic, King Arthur. During the interview Gruffud gave away some details about the film's production...

"Rather, it focuses on seven guys given this mission from hell to capture a young boy who the pope has deemed to be next in line for the throne. It's a real portrayal of this sixth-century time period - definitely not a glamorized Hollywood version of it."

There wasn't much glamorous about preparing for and shooting the July 7 film release, either. "We had two weeks of boot camp where we choreographed the fights, went horseback riding every day and did weight training. I laugh when I think about all of us riding these horses, acting very butch and masculine, and then, when the camera stopped rolling, we would say, 'Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you back there. Are you OK? Did I hurt you?' "

Despite the grueling hours and bumps and bruises he acquired, Gruffudd has nothing but fond memories of the production, directed by Antoine Fuqua: "It was great fun to shoot." Right now, the actor of "Horatio Hornblower" and "Titanic" fame is deep into work on CBS' March 16-debuting big-budget, futuristic "Century City" - about a law office in the year 2030. Hector Elizondo and Nestor Carbonell are also in the cast of the Paul Attanasio drama that tackles legal issues of the future, such as parents suing a doctor for withholding critical results of their unborn child's genetic mapping. As for its prospects for becoming a hit?