007: According to MovieHole, Fantastic Four star, Ioan Gruffudd may be in the lead to replace Pierce Brosnan in the next 'James Bond' flick...

"Ioan Gruffudd. Trust me" Our insider lets Tara Reid-like slip.

Ioan Gruffudd?. Yep, Mr Fantastic could very well be in deep-deep-deep (any deeper and he'd be swallowing chlorine) talks for the role of the next Bond. Naturally, others may float into the mix, but at the moment, he's the only guy that EON are seriously considering for the role.

Gruffudd's credits include "King Arthur", in which he played Lancelot, and the upcoming "Fantastic Four" playing the aforesaid Mr Fantastic/Reed Richards. He made a name for himself though as the star of the "Horatio Hornblower" telemovies.