Ahead of the iPhone X release, Apple rolled out the IOS 11.1 update for heightened security features and more importantly, new emoji characters that even include zombies. Nobody cares about the new security features or the way the keyboard has changed or how the new operating system drains the battery, all we want are new emoji characters to show off to our friends and loved ones. Apple has recently revealed the most used emoji and it is the laughter face, which is weird because one would think that it would be the zombie.

The next most popular emojis were revealed to be the red heart, the crying face, the "in love" face, the kissing face, the rolling eyes face, the skull, the basic smiley, the despairing face and the "hmm" face. It's noticeable that eight of the top ten are faces, but this could change thanks to the newly released batch of emojis, including mermaids, wizards, zombies, genies, and the breastfeeding woman. Out of all of the new emojis that have been released, the zombie and the wizards are clearly the new winners and are sure to top the charts next year.

In addition to the new emojis, Apple also took some time to update some old favorites in a move that has angered some emoji fans. For instance, the new bumble bee has gained a little bit of weight and is more detailed. Another crowd pleaser was the whale, but they have ditched the cute-cartoon version and turned it into a realistic looking whale, which is kind of a bummer to say the least. However, Apple did include a pretty amazing dinosaur into the mix. Plus, we can now send puking emojis and mermaids, so the new update was definitely worth the loss of battery life.

Google's version of the emoji on Android was recently in the hot seat after it came to light that their version of the cheese burger emoji shows the cheese beneath the burger and above the bun. While the cheese placement isn't new, a writer and media analyst started a debate that went viral a few weeks ago over whether or not it should be placed on top or below the burger. A fierce debate erupted on social media about Apple vs. Google and which way the cheese should go on the burger.

Regardless of where you stand on cheeseburger gate, Apple continues its innovations, and has brought out some pretty interesting new ways for all of us to express ourselves nonverbally. Just don't try to type the letter "I" while texting and you should be fine. And remember to charge your iPhone at least 3 times a day so that you can keep sending emojis. Some of these new emojis will be welcome additions for large swathes of the world's population that haven't been represented in emoji form, including women who wear headscarves and breastfeed, and anyone with a beard. For others, they will just more accurately represent how they might feel at any given moment, including the zombie emoji. Also, redheads, rejoice, the new update coming early next year is expected to include the gingers. You can check out the new emojis courtesy of Apple.com. It should be noted that the last image contains what Apple refers to as its 'genderless' emoji.

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