If ain't broke, don't fix it! That seems to be the theory with the very popular martial arts franchise Ip Man at this point, anyway. Star Donnie Yen recently announced that he is indeed planning on returning for Ip Man 4 after the very successful third entry was released earlier this year.

The modern day martial arts legend took to his Instagram to make the announcement that IP Man 4 is happening. While there was a pretty significant gap of nearly five years between the release of Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster and Ip Man 3, it seems like Donnie Yen is wasting no time in getting Ip Man 4 off the ground. Here is what he had to say about the movie in his Instagram post.

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"I want to share this very excited news with you all, my good friend Wilson Yip, who had directed all of my last three Ip man series, tonight, we have decided to reunite and continue to make our next project together, Ip man4! Yes! I-P-M-A-N part 4!"

Just the simple fact that Donnie Yen announced Ip Man 4 is enough to make any martial arts fan excited, but he also made it clear that director Wilson Yip is returning. As he stated in his post, the director has worked on all three of the previous installments in the very popular and acclaimed franchise, so it makes perfect sense that he would return. Especially considering that Ip Man 3 did quite well at the box office. While the other entries in the Ip Man franchise found an audience outside of the box office, which helped contribute to their success, Ip Man 3 actually pulled in a very healthy $156 million worldwide. The success of Ip Man 3 is also probably what helped the pair decide to make Ip Man 4 so quickly.

The Ip Man series is based on the true story of Ip Man, played by Donnie Yen, who lived from lived from 1893 to 1972. He was the martial arts master who created the style known as Wing Chun, whose most famous student was legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. The first two movies did not feature Bruce Lee as a character, instead focusing on the man's early years in China. The producers were initially going to use CGI version of Bruce Lee in order to bring the character to the franchise, because they could not find an actor they felt was right to portray him. However, the role ultimately went to Kwok-Kwan Chan.

There is no word yet on how soon Ip Man 4 will get moving or any specific story details, but they will have to up the ante after that Mike Tyson fight in Ip Man 3. Donnie Yen will be making a serious impression on mainstream audiences this winter when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes out, as he has a pretty significant role in the movie. He is also set to appear in action-packed sequel xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Perhaps he and Wilson Yip can use that momentum to make Ip Man 4 even more of a mainstream hit. You can check out Donnie Yen's Instagram announcement for yourself below.