The final IP Man 4: The Finale trailer has arrived. The latest look at what will be the final entry in the franchise provides us with more story details. Earlier this month, the first trailer arrived and martial arts fans were beyond excited to see Donnie Yen and director Wilson Yip reunite for another movie. And now, we have an even better, and longer look at the upcoming action thriller, which hits select theaters on Christmas Day (December 25th).

As we see in the IP Man 4 trailer, Ip Man's life remains unchanged after his wife's death, but he and his son are slowly drifting apart. To seek a better future for his son, Ip Man decides to travel to the United States only to find the stable, peaceful life abroad is not exactly what he thought it was going to be. Underneath the surface lies a deep rooted racial discrimination that is far worse than he has expected. Ip Man re-examines his position and ponders on the reason he took up martial arts in the beginning.

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While there is plenty of action in the latest look at IP Man 4: The Finale, we're mainly getting a story setup, which should entice more viewers to head into theaters at the end of the month. While the franchise, which is based on Bruce Lee's former teacher, could go on further, it's the end of the line for star Donnie Yen. In addition, the actor says he's done with martial arts movies in general. He had this to say.

"I have starred in 78 movies in total. I did my best every time as I love movies... People might view actors as filled with glory, but we, especially those of us who make action and Kung fu movies, have a very harsh life. Our bodies are filled with injuries and pain... I love each [of my] movies, but [I feel] I have already made [all the] breakthroughs [I can] in the Kung fu movie genre. For Ip Man 4 to be my swansong work, it's a very good ending."

Yu Dong, founder of Bona Film Group, which co-produced IP Man 4: Finale, says the movie will indeed be the end of the IP Man franchise. However, its legacy will continue in future movies about martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Dong did not go into detail as to where the franchise will go from here, but it appears they are not done with movies that are connected to Lee. As for Donnie Yen, he will continue to do action movies, though they will more than likely be less demanding physically.

IP Man 4: Finale is directed by Wilson Yip Wai Shun. In addition to Donnie Yen, the movie also stars Wu Yue, Van Ness, Scott Adkins, Kent Cheng, Chan Kwok Kwan Danny, Kanin Ngo, Chris Collins, and Vanda Margraf. You can check out the final trailer for the upcoming movie above, thanks to the Well Go USA Entertainment YouTube channel.

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