There have been a number of rumors swirling that Apple will release their latest iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus, in mid-September, with some reports claiming the exact date will be Friday, September 16. Apple has yet to confirm the street date, or any of the other swirling rumors about the new phone, but earlier this week, one of the biggest rumors was seemingly confirmed. The next iPhone will not include a headphone jack.

The YouTube channel Unbox Therapy posted a new video this week, where they were provided with an exclusive mockup of the iPhone 7 Plus by the Chinese company BeSound, which is believed to be the "first accurate mockup" of the new iPhone 7 Plus. The video revals a brand new blue-ish color that hasn't been used in any of Apple's products thus far, but that isn't the biggest surprise. At the end of the video, it is confirmed that the beloved headphone jack is replaced by a second speaker, on the bottom of the phone. Here's what was said about this new Apple phone below.

"The most controversial topic, the bottom. On the 6 S Plus, you have a headphone jack, and in the case of the mock-up, that's been removed, as expected, as rumored. There is no longer a headphone jack on your next iPhone. You're gonna have to live with it. You'll either have to use some kind of dongle, or potentially, wireless earphones. You do have two speaker grilles. Is that some kind of consolation? Hopefully."

While this will certainly be quite controversial to faithful iPhone users, there may also be a solution to this problem. The new iPhone is expected to ship with new earbuds that will connect through the Lightning port on the phone, or via Bluetooth. Another report featured images of what seemed to be a new Lightning to 3.5mm adapter that would allow users to plug in their traditional headphones and/or earbuds. This video also reveals that there will be a new dual camera lens system, and that the 7 Plus will come in just slightly thinner than the iPhone 6.

Still, none of these details have been confirmed by Apple quite yet, so we'll have to wait and see what will be available on this next generation smart phone. If the launch date is in fact September 16, we should be getting some confirmation from Apple soon, so stay tuned for more updates. Until then, take a look at this video from Unbox Therapy that offers a first look at the new Apple iPhone 7 Plus design.