After the success of Iron Man, Iron Man 2 was quickly green lit and came out in 2010, 2 years after the first movie. A lot has happened in the 8 years since Iron Man 2, but fans are just now noticing that the movie contains a Black Panther Easter Egg, which is 6 years before the character made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Civil War. In addition to setting up Black Panther, Civil War also set fans up for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Infinity War. However, the MCU would not exist today if it were not for the early foreshadowing in the Iron Man movies.

When most fans think of Easter Eggs in Iron Man 2, they think of Thor's hammer popping in the post-credit scene. As far as other foreshadowing, Captain America is teased as is the location of the Hulk in Nevada during the scene with the S.H.I.E.L.D. screens towards the end of the movie with Nick Fury and Tony Stark. Eagle-eyed viewers of the Blu-ray edition of the movie also spotted East Africa on the map, which is where Black Panther's fictional country of Wakanda is. At that point in time, Black Panther had not been connected to the MCU and it would be 6 years until fans were shown Chadwick Boseman's epic T'Challa in Civil War.

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In other MCU news, it was revealed that a War Machine movie was considered after Iron Man 2. Black Panther screenwriter Joe Robert Cole recently said that the War Machine movie was pitched to Kevin Feige and was nearly green lit until pre-production on Iron Man 3 began, taking the MCU in a different direction. Though Cole didn't get to make the War Machine movie, he was asked to join the MCU writer's program and we now have Black Panther, thanks to him.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, which will culminate with the release of Infinity War in May. But before then, we have Black Panther to look forward to, which comes out this week. The movie is already poised to be a monster at the box office and has already broken presale records for the first quarter of the year and it will be one of the biggest openings for an MCU movie released thus far.

The MCU is packed with Easter Eggs, so fans will have to keep their eyes open while checking out Black Panther this weekend to see what kind of teases we are in for. Wakanda was teased 8 years ago, so we might see some nods to the future of the MCU's second decade this year with Black Panther and Infinity War before the whole thing gets blown to bits with Avengers 4 in 2019. You can check out the original report of the Black Panther Easter Egg in Iron Man 2 comes to us from Screenrant.