Apple founder Steve Jobs was not a big fan of Iron Man 2. He personally called Disney CEO Bob Iger to tell him his review after seeing the movie in theaters. Jon Favreau's Iron Man came out in 2008 and solidified Marvel Studios, while kicking off the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the same time. It was widely praised and it still is to this day. However, 2010's Iron Man 2 was not a critical darling like the first installment, even though it ended up making more money at the box office than its predecessor.

Bob Iger's new memoir, The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company, sheds some light on his professional relationship with Steve Jobs. The Apple founder did not mince words when it came time to provide Iger with a review of Iron Man 2, which consisted of just two words. Bob Iger had this to say about the conversation in his book.

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"When Iron Man 2 came out, Steve (Jobs) took his son to see it and call me the next day. 'I took Reed to see Iron Man 2 last night,' he said. 'It sucked.'"

Bob Iger admits he was aware that Iron Man 2 was not a masterpiece but he "couldn't let (Jobs) feel he was right all the time." In 2010, Disney had not yet acquired the rights to Marvel Studios. At that time, Paramount was still distributing the Marvel projects, but Bob Iger was already talking about the deal during this time and Steve Jobs was more than likely well aware of the situation, which is probably why he provided his succinct review of Iron Man 2. 2012's Avengers was the first MCU movie to come out under the Disney umbrella and it was massive. Acquiring Marvel Studios proved to be an excellent move by Iger and crew.

Bob Iger and Steve Jobs were friends until the Apple founder passed away in 2011 at the age of 56. Another excerpt from Iger's memoir talks about Apple and Disney coming together. "I believe that if Steve were still alive, we would have combined our companies, or at least discussed the possibility very seriously," says Iger. Jobs earned a place on Disney's board following the purchase of Pixar from Apple in 2006, following two year of negotiations.

While Iron Man 2 isn't a masterpiece, it did help to solidify the MCU. It's interesting to think about how much has changed since Disney purchased Marvel Studios and one has to wonder if Steve Jobs would have been a fan of the current MCU projects. Regardless, time has gone on and Apple is currently preparing to unveil their streaming service while Disney does the exact same thing, putting the companies in direct competition. With that being said, Disney+ may have the edge this time around. The excerpt from Bob Iger's book was originally reported by Yahoo.