Iron Man 2 Blu-rayJon Favreau's high-powered sequel Iron Man 2 easily debuted atop the DVD and Blu-ray sales charts in a clean sweep, for the week ending October 3.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news, adding that Iron Man 2 sold a whopping 1.1 million units in its first day on the shelves, en route to selling an astounding 5 million units in its first week.

The only other notable new release was the comedy Get Him to the Greek, which took second place in all three charts in its debut week. It was said that Iron Man 2 outsold Get Him to the Greek by an immense margin of eight-to-one and Get Him to the Greek sold just 7% as many BD discs as Iron Man 2. The margin was slimmer on the rental charts, with Get Him to the Greek amassing 71% of the rental revenue that Iron Man 2 took in.

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On the Blu-ray sales charts, Iron Man 2 became the first fouth-quarter release to sell more BD's than DVD's, with a massive 52% of all units sold coming in the high-def format.