After a 71-day shoot, a wrap has been called on a highly anticipated sequel. According to, Iron Man 2 wrapped principal photography on July 18. The site spoke with producer and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about the production.

"Shooting Iron Man 2 was a fantastic experience and we couldn't be happier. Although there were many challenges in making this film, having Jon Favreau, Robert Downey, Gwyneth Paltrow and almost the entire crew from the first film back on board, allowed us to hit the ground running as everyone was instantly familiar with each other from day one," Feige told the site. "This dynamic allowed us to get done what we needed on a day to day basis and was a big factor in why we finished slightly ahead of schedule."

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Jon Favreau thanks cast and crew for all of their hardwork on the film

CLICK HERE to read more from Feige on the upcoming sequel. Iron Man 2 is set for a May 7, 2010 release date.