In case you didn't know, director Shane Black has quietly starting shooting Iron Man 3 in Wilmington, North Carolina, where star Robert Downey Jr. was spotted walking to set. A few videos have arrived from the location, along with a couple of screen grabs. Watch, and then read on for new details about the plot.

By request, these photos have been removed.

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Iron Man 3 spent last week, leading up to the Memorial Day weekend, shooting in and around The Cape Fear Club on Chestnut and Second Street in Wilmington. Scenes will also be shot at the Wilmington International Airport throughout this week.

According to, some of the story will take place in Miami, Florida. Screen used vehicles have been spotted around the city sporting logos for the City of Miami. There are also Chinese store fronts being built in Wilmington.

In other news, Latino Review is reporting that a crew member in Wilmington casually let it slip that, as suspected, Ben Kingsley is indeed playing the villain Mandarin. Not only that, he has two twins working for him that do all the dirty work.

With that news out in the open, Latino Review decided to reveal what they know to be fact: Mandarin is only one of the villains in Iron Man 3, with Guy Pearce's Aldrich Killiandoing doing all the heavy lifting as the man who invents Extremis, using it to create a super army.