In the past month, its been heavily rumored that we won't be seeing Hulk again on-screen until The Avengers 2. New concept art for Iron Man 3 has leaked, which indicates this may not be the case. There have also been rumors that Iron Man 3 will tie directly into Guardians of the Galaxy, with Tony Stark ((Robert Downey Jr.)) traveling into outer space at the end of his stand-alone movie to meet these intergalactic police. A second piece of concept art seems to indicate that this rumor is very true.

Here, we see Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor alongside his new Deep Space Armor, which was already /iron-man-3-reveals-connection-to-another-marvel-phase-ii-movie/given away in a look at one of the Pop! Vinyl figures for this Marvel Phase II movie back in January.

<strong><em>Iron Man 3</em></strong> Hulkbuster Armor
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<strong><em>Iron Man 3</em></strong> Deep Space Armor
<strong><em>Iron Man 3</em></strong> Pop Vinyl Figure

What do you think? Has Marvel caved into fan pressure to see Hulk sooner than later? Or is this just a prop in the background of Iron Man 3's demolished mansion that will be utilized in later movies? It is possible that the Hulkbuster armor is a concept that has been scrapped, but there are far too many indicators that we will be seeing the deep space armor on screen very soon. Are you excited to meet Chris Pratt as Star Lord at the end of this movie? Let us know what you think!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange