We know some of your are waiting for Netflix, so if you still haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet, you may want to stop reading, because this story contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

One of the lingering mysteries left by Iron Man 3 is the true identity of the evil Mandarin. In the film, Ben Kingsley plays Trevor Slattery, an actor pretending to be the most dangerous terrorist in the entire world. He is soon discovered to be working as a media smokescreen for Aldrich Killian. The character went onto appear in Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King, where he is incarcerated with a group of true sycophants. He is eventually blasted out of jail by a minion of the 'real' Mandarin. But who is the 'real' Mandarin?

While promoting his voice work in the upcoming Lakia stop-motion animated adventure The Boxtrolls, Ben Kingsley teases that he might know.

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In fact, he goes onto hint that Ol' Trev may be the real Mandarin after all. Its the classic Victor Victoria ruse. A terrorist pretending to be an actor pretending to be a terrorist. This is what Sir Ben Kingsley had to say about the iconic Marvel character and his return.

"Has the Mandarin invented Trevor, or has Trevor invented the Mandarin? Which is which? The Mandarin could be so supremely intelligent that he could have said, 'You know what? I'll invent this actor, and he will be my mask.' You know, which is which? Who's pulling the strings. Now, this is me just free-thinking here, but I would love to revisit that world. But Trev, bless him, may have made an indelible mark on that world. So everyone might say, 'Is it Trev under there?' So they'd have to approach it quite carefully, and so would I, but I would love to go back to that world, yeah."

It's not yet known if Mandarin will emerge in Iron Man 4, or one of the earlier Marvel movies impending release. Even if Trevor never makes it back on the big screen, would Ben Kingsley, the man of many faces, be open to returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as another character? He doesn't think so.

"[They'll] always see Trevor in whatever figure [I do]. So, it's up to the powers that be to decide whether or not they'd want to introduce Trevor, whether or not they'd want to reintroduce the Mandarin."

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