Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale and Charlotte Le Bon are in negotiations to join Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the upcoming drama To Walk the Clouds.

We first reported on this project back in February, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt signed on to play Philippe Petit, the high wire artist who successfully walked between New York's Twin Towers on a tightrope in 1974. It isn't known what characters Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale and Charlotte Le Bon will portray.

Philippe Petit's story was also told in Man on Wire, which won the Oscar for Best Documentary. The plot of this narrative feature will center on how Philippe Petit and his conspirators managed to pull off such an elaborate event in secret.

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Robert Zemeckis is directing from a script he co-wrote with Christopher Browne, with the filmmaker planning a 3D shoot in the way that Avatar, Life of Pi and Gravity were shot. It isn't known when production will begin.