While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is certainly a massive success, there have been a few misses. MCU fans are currently debating on social media about whether Iron Man 3 or Thor 2 is the worst movie out of all of them. The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of people indoors these days, leading to fun-spirited arguments like this. For some, picking their least favorite movie is like a parent choosing between their kids. For others, the decision is clear cut and needs no argument.

Just a cursory glance at Twitter proves that a lot of people seem to think that Thor: The Dark World is the clear winner amongst most MCU fans. It has the lowest rating out of any of the movies on Rotten Tomatoes, hanging out with a 66% Fresh Rating, and has been called out as a mess for years. Tom Hiddleston's performance as Loki seems to be one of the only bright spots that MCU fans can agree on, which has been declared numerous times throughout this social media debate.

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As for Iron Man 3, it has its detractors too. It is towards the bottom of the MCU list on Rotten Tomatoes with a 79% Fresh Rating. However, that places it at number 16 out of 23. Some fans seem to believe that Iron Man 2 should have been the one in the running, while others are going crazy because The Incredible Hulk isn't getting all of the negative attention that it truly deserves. Whatever the case may be, the general consensus is that Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are the black sheep of the family.

Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 were not the only MCU movies to get dragged over the weekend on social media. There are more than a few fans who have different opinions as to what is the worst, with Captain Marvel getting its fair share of hate, along with Thor: Ragnarok. And former Bob Iger absolutely hated Iron Man 2. As is the case with anything like this franchise, you can't please everybody and everybody is entitled to their own opinions, though one might suspect that there's some trolling going on for some attention. It just wouldn't be the internet without some good old fashioned trolling.

The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of people hunkered down at home in an effort to stop or slow the spreading. The world is full of questions and there are not a whole lot of answers going around at the moment, so it's nice to have something like the MCU to debate about. People are using social media as they practice social distancing and it has given a lot of fun over the past few weeks. The MCU is still producing movies, so there could be an all-new least-favorite installment still on the way. You can head over to the official Marvel website to see a list of all the MCU movies and then check out some of the debate below.