We're just a few months away from Marvel's The Avengers taking theaters by storm starting May 4, which is right around the time Marvel will begin production on Iron Man 3, set for release May 3, 2013. We still don't know much about the story of Iron Man 3, although a new rumor indicates Tony Stark will come in contact with Extremis. Here's a description of Extremis below.

"It's a technology-based solution to replicate the Super Soldier serum that turns Steve Rogers into Captain America."
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The technology involved deals with nanobots, which are first used by terrorists and later implemented by Tony Stark to enhance his Iron Man suit and give him added super powers. This report also includes the news that Iron Man 3 will feature multiple villains. It is believed that there will be information embedded inside Marvel's The Avengers that will give us background leading into Iron Man 3.

Shane Black is directing Iron Man 3 from a screenplay by Drew Pearce. None of this has been confirmed by Marvel Studios yet, but if these developments turn out to be true, it could make Iron Man 3 a very intriguing sequel.