While last year's Super Bowl was a bust as far as exclusive new movie commercials were concerned, this year's telecast will feature at least eight new films. According to Variety, seven different studios have bought up air time during the telecast and will used it to show some never before seen footage from their highly anticipated 2008 slates.

What exciting new spots will we see? Paramount and Marvel will unveil new scenes from Iron Man, while Sony will be busting out a new ad campaign for Will Smith's upcoming superhero flick Hancock. New Line will premier promos for Will Ferrell's Semi-Pro, which will be run in conjunction with Budweiser.

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Disney is still considering which films it will flaunt during the Super Bowl, but you can most likely count on seeing commercials for both WALL&#8226E and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Universal, Warner Brothers, and Fox have all bought ad space as well but are choosing to keep their promotional spots a secret at the moment.

You can check out all the excitement when the Super Bowl airs February 3rd of 2008.