Despite the tumbling economy, home video was thriving in a big way, thanks to a dose of Iron. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iron Man simply demolished all comers in home entertainment this week, sweeping the national DVD charts in sales, rentals and Blu-ray sales.

Iron Man simply overwhelmed all three charts. On the DVD sales charts, Iron Man racked up a whopping 7.2 million DVDs sold, with an additional 500,000 Blu-ray units sold. The closest competitor in DVD was new release Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was outsold by a whopping 7 to 1 margin.

Iron Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall went 1-2 in the rental charts and Blu-ray charts as well, where the BD Iron Man broke a few records in high-def. The high-def disc's 500,000 units sold already makes it the highest-selling Blu-ray disc of the year, after just one week. The BD title sold a whopping 260,000 discs on the first day of sales alone, which broke another record.

Last week's winner in all three charts, Sex and the City: The Movie, was pushed to the third spot in every chart.