Marvel Comics have made a comeback when it comes to bringing their characters to the silver screen. Starting with X-Men, Marvel has (more often than not) successfully brought Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Punisher, Hulk and Ghost Rider to the screen. With Iron Man and Thor, and a revitalized Incredible Hulk, on the horizon, it only makes sense that an Avengers film could be in the works.

And according to MTV Movies Blog, it is. Speaking to Jon Favreau, who directed Iron Man, Marvel is making plans to do an Avengers film, and he would like to be the man to direct it.

Interestingly, according to Favreau, Marvel is only interested in doing an Avengers film after all of the characters involved have their own films completed. This is in direct contrast to how DC Comics/Warner Bros. is going ahead with Justice League of America when mainstream audiences are only familiar with Superman, Batman and sometimes Wonder Woman. Also unlike Justice League of America, where director George Miller is using a new cast instead of actors like Brandon Routh and Christian Bale who are established in the role of the heroes, Favreua says Marvel is only interested in doing a cross-over film with the actors who created the roles.

"[But] in the case of Marvel they're pretty clear on wanting to do it with the actors who've established the roles or to not do it at all. That's what they've said to me," Favreau says. "I think it's a good idea if you use the characters established in the other franchises that then come together for an event. I don't think they would do it like they're doing Justice League of America where it's a whole different set of actors and a whole different take on the world."

If so, it just may be possible that we will someday see Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark shoulder-to-shoulder with Captain America, Thor and Ant-Man - after those characters get their own films, of course. Which means that as fans, we need to be patient. While Matthew Vaughn is working on Thor, Captain America and Ant-Man are still far-off dreams for Marvel.