Tony Stark would be proud if he were a real person. British inventor Richard Browning continues to tweak his gravity jet suit, which looks exactly like something Iron Man would use. Now, the thing can fly 85 miles per hour. We have seen all kinds of real-life Iron Man suits over the years, with former Mythbuster host Adam Savage unveiling his back in June of this year. Savage's unit uses the same tech as Browning's, but he went for a more authentic look. However, Browning's will destroy Savage's in terms of speed.

Richard Browning first sought to develop some tech like Tony Stark back in 2017. While the suit doesn't look like Iron Man, it is probably exactly the same kind of jet propulsion the suit would use in real-life, which is also the same tech behind Adam Savage's build, though there have been numerous tweaks to it. Browning had this to say after getting to 85 miles per hour.

"I'm really pleased with today I've done 75 mph before kind of privately in testing. I had hopes that we could get into the 70s here, on the day, in the conditions that were going to be whatever they were going to be, but to go, then, even 10 miles an hour even faster than I'd ever been before - couldn't be happier."

Richard Browning conducted his latest test at the Brighton Pier in England with the body controlled Iron Man gravity jet suit. While Adam Savage was basically able to float for a bit, Browning is able to soar. This is not a knock on Savage's suit, since he went as far as to actually make his look like Iron Man, which is truly an impressive feat on its own. However, Browning wants to go faster. He explains.

"That's just the beginning. We can go way faster... we're going to do that in steady, sensible kind of steps. 85's pretty good for now."

The goal is to get the gravity jet suit to go 150 miles per hour, which is just bonkers. Richard Browning may be able to pull off his goal, but will he start to make his suit look like Iron Man? He started using sparks to make him look even more like a superhero. "We thought it would look kind of dramatic," Browning said. "I wasn't even aware of them going off. That was somebody in my crew, detonating them remotely."

The real-life Iron Man suit is probably only a few years away from actually happening, at least mechanically. We're not going to have all the bells and whistles because a lot of it is impossible, but the basic mechanics of flying in armor will more than likely become reality. For now, you can check out Richard Browning flying around Brighton and going 85 miles per hour, thanks to the CNET YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick