Cosplayers have gotten incredibly detailed over the years, but this new fan-made Iron Man suit is on a whole new level. The suit is so ridiculously detailed that it looks like a real prop from Iron Man 3, which is what Wayne Berendhuysen had in mind when he started on the project. There have been some pretty amazing fan-made Iron Man suits over the years, but this one is easily the best one that has ever come out over the years, without a doubt.

Dutch cosplayer Wayne Berendhuysen got into cosplay and making his own costumes while suffering from a deep depression. His therapist at the time suggested a creative outlet, which has thrived and helped Berendhuysen battle his depression. He started off slowly making some masks, the first being a normal Iron Man mask that won Berendhuysen first place in a costume party, leading him to further explore his creative endeavors. The first mask is really well done, but it was just a precursor to where Wayne Berendhuysen is today with the ultimate fan-made Iron Man costume.

In total, the suit took Wayne Berendhuysen 6 months to create. He used a 3D printer to make the gloves that shoot smoke as well as light beams. The rest of the costume is made from foam and resin, resulting in a realistic look of an Iron Man suit. Hidden all over the suit are little switched that trigger different features from the suit including rocket thrusters lighting up and shooting smoke as well as a mask that opens up and lights up. The suit is surprisingly light-weight and Wayne Berendhuysen can be seen moving around with ease, showing off his creation to the world.

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The entire suit is powered by a 14 Volt LiPo pack and even includes a USB charger in the Arc Reactor for added effect. Tony Stark has had a lot of features packed into his suits over the last handful of movies, but Infinity War will see the superhero in his best suit yet, but it won't have a working USB port to charge his cellphone like Wayne Berendhuysen's. The Model 51 or Model-Prime armor will give Tony Stark all of the features from his previous suits thanks to his Nano technology.

Where does a cosplayer go after creating the best fan-made Iron Man suit ever created? Wayne Berendhuysen knows where he's going and it's going to bring a whole new challenge when he sets out to make it. The suit in question is Guyver 3 suit and it looks like it could end up taking even longer to create, but Berendhuysen is hopeful and plans to start making it soon. It really can't be stressed enough how awesome Wayne Berendhuysen's fan-made Iron Man suit is, so do yourself a favor and check out a video detailing the creation of the suit and a bit of Berendhuysen's story below, courtesy of Insider's YouTube channel.

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