It's like a real-life version of the events in Spider-Man: Homecoming, except the burglars got away. The LAPD has announced that they're launching an investigation to locate a stolen Iron Man costume that was worn by Robert Downey Jr. and used in the first Iron Man movie. The stolen suit is said to be worth $320,000. The timing of the disappearance of the suit comes at a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe is celebrating 10 years of making the highly successful films that started with Iron Man, back in 2008, leading us to the recently released Infinity War.

The original Iron Man suit was stored at a Pacoima neighborhood prop storage facility in Los Angeles and has been missing since April of this year. According to reports, the red-and-gold exoskeleton was the only thing to have been stolen from the storage facility, which was reported as stolen earlier this week. So far, there are no leads and the security team from the facility has been asked not to speak to the press.

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The press have been having fun with the story, theorizing that Vulture stole it or that Thanos was able to sneak in undetected and remove the Iron Man suit from the storage facility. But, this is a real story and the suit is really missing. Additionally, it's a huge part of MCU's history and makes the suit worth that much more. A real prop from the first Iron Man will be able to fetch a lot of cash if the suspects can find the right buyer. Authorities are asking fans to keep an eye out for anybody trying to sell a unique Iron Man suit online or in stores.

The owners of the storage facility say that they last saw the Iron Man suit in February of this year and only recently noticed that it was gone. While a burglary is entirely possible, and what the LAPD believes it to be, Iron Man suits were on display during the world premiere of Infinity War, which means that the suit could have been taken by Marvel Studios to promote the latest MCU movie through proper channels that may have been under the radar for the Pacoima prop storage facility. The LAPD is on the case, so more details should be revealed soon.

MCU fans should keep an eye out for anybody trying to sell an Iron Man suit that was worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the first movie and report it to the LAPD if they see anything. The suit is an important piece of MCU history and is worth quite a lot of money, which means that the LAPD intend on solving the mystery. This is a developing story and more news about the stolen Iron Man suit is expected to be released shortly. This story was originally reported by CBS News.