We're getting closer and closer to Marvel's The Avengers kicking off the summer movie season in just under two months on May 4, and as the cast and crew begin to do press for this superhero ensemble, new details are quickly coming forward.

Director Joss Whedon recently addressed criticisms over Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man suit in this new adventure, and confirmed we'll see more than one suit in Marvel's The Avengers, even acknowledging the emblem on Tony Stark's chest.

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"There will be more than one suit in the film. They get a bit of wear and tear, honestly. It's sort of a tradition that Marvel brought to the table of, 'We like to change it up. We like to see the suits evolve.' I said, 'Great, then you're going back to the circle, because the triangle is ass. I'm sorry, but the circle has meaning, the triangle does not."

The director also revealed that he was in London to oversee Alan Silvestri's score for Marvel's The Avengers.

"I'm here to score The Avengers. I've been listening to Alan Silvestri blow my mind for the last several days."

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