With Avengers: Infinity War now available on digital platforms, many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are probably revisiting the movie and taking it all in once again. One fan decided to do a little more than just watch the epic events unfold. He took some of the footage, as well as footage from every movie that Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man has appeared in, to create an amazing and emotional tribute video to the character that is capable of bringing MCU fans to tears.

The video, which was composed by Top Screen and is perfectly titled I Am Iron Man, starts out using mostly footage from the first Iron man. We're reminded of his origin and how a selfish, misguided man became a superhero. It then transitions into a mix of footage from all eight movies that Tony Stark has appeared in. We see his love for Pepper Potts. His mentor relationship with Peter Parker, which culminates in his tragic death scene from Infinity War. The video is capped off with another very important shot from Infinity War, blended in with some perfectly utilized dialogue from Iron Man 3.

It's easy to think about Tony Stark as the wisecracking bankroll who kicked off The Avengers. However, this video serves as a gut-wrenching reminder that, over the course of the last decade, the man has suffered a great deal and has gone through more than most people ever will in their lifetimes. Even by comic book movie standards. Tragedy, loss, pain and the burden of trying to do what's right, which doesn't always work out, despite having the best intentions. He's been at war with the universe, at war with his superpowered friends, seen his personal life crumble beneath him. And ultimately, he's just a man in a suit of armor trying to keep up with gods and super soldiers.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become an all-encompassing behemoth that has a dizzying, galaxy-spanning scope these days. But that all started with Tony Stark and this video, aside from highlighting that character specifically, also serves as a great reminder of the overarching journey that Kevin Feige and Co. have taken us on over the last ten years. It's pretty miraculous when seeing it all laid out so beautifully like this.

In all likelihood, Robert Downey Jr.'s days as Iron Man are nearly numbered within the MCU. He's set to be a big part of Avengers 4 but beyond that, it's looking like he'll be moving on. While we don't know what lies ahead for him in the follow-up to Infinity War next summer, this video also plays on one's heartstrings a bit, with the knowledge that his journey is probably coming to an end, one way or another. Be sure to check out the Iron Man tribute video, courtesy of the Top Screen YouTube channel, for yourself below. And you may want to have a box of tissues handy.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott